How this website works

Sample map

This website is a pilot project of the Forestry Development Trust (FDT) in Tanzania and the Kenya Commercial Forestry Programme (KCFP). It gives registered users access to a selection of maps showing the suitability of different species (see a full list here) across the Districts of Tanzania and the Counties of Kenya.

Registered users may request access to the selected maps of either Kenya or Tanzania using the registration form on this site.

For those who are interested in more detailed and specific use of the SSMT, access may be requested to ArcGIS Online. This facility is recommended only for those that have professional GIS experience and can be requested using this form. Access if granted will be limited to a maximum of 30 days.

Please note that we shall be reaching out to you for feedback about your experience while using the site. The short survey will be sent to your email immediately after you log out from the site and the information will be used to improve the tool and the access platform. We guarantee you that all the information provided will be used for purposes of improving the tool and the site and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.