You do not have permission to access the Kenya data. To gain access please use the Registration form.


How to access and use georeferenced maps from the website


Georeferenced PDF file is a Portable Document Format file with added information that relates the image to coordinates on a map. To get to using PDF maps from this site:

  1. Register with your details using the registration form
  2. Choose your country as either Kenya or Tanzania
  3. Depending on your choice above you will be directed to a page where you can download the PDF maps.

PDF maps are designed for use on your GPS-enabled mobile device and be displayed on any PDF reader. When viewed in an installed mobile application, each map is designed so that your location can be displayed on screen in real time. Georeferenced map applications allow you navigate using your mobile device’s GPS even without cellular reception.

The maps can be used as stand alone or with Avenza mobile application to check on suitability of a species at a specific location. Avenza Maps is a powerful app for Android and iOS devices that provides a variety of tools for use with georeferenced maps both online and offline. Maps can be imported from your own source into Avenza Maps. To use the maps in Avenza:

  1. Download Avenza mobile application from play store or Appstore
  2. Register with Avenza so that you can be able to link to your downloaded PDF map
  3. Download the map onto your device prior to being in an area that may not have data coverage. (Message and data rates may apply). Users without a subscription are restricted to 3 imported maps at a time.
  4. Ensure location services is enabled for the mobile application being used on your mobile device.
  5. Import your map into Avenza Maps: For Android devices – Tap the ‘+’ icon in the lower right corner and select ‘Download or import a map’. For iOS devices- Tap the ‘+’icon
  6. Choose the appropriate import location
  7. Navigate to the desired file and select it
  8. Tap import
  9. The map will now be added to the map list
  10. You can now open the map in map view to use it. It consists of several components:
  11. Tap the GPS button to find your location on the map. Your location is displayed as a blue dot (see figure 1 below). If you’re not physically within the extent of the map, ‘Not on map’ will be displayed where the map coordinates are.

    Figure 1: Blue dot showing your location.
  1. You can now check suitability of species of interest.

In areas with no cellular reception, phone battery life significantly decreases. Utilizing airplane mode or putting your device in airplane mode will greatly improve battery life and will not interfere with GPS tracking. Like all GPS technology, the accuracy of your device will be compromised by close proximity to buildings. Location is determined using a combination of cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

How to request SSMT access through ArcGIS Online

  1. After registering go to ArcGIS online – request access
  2. Fill the request form and submit
  3. Someone from Kenya Commercial Forestry Programme (KCFP) will get back to you and provide further details. Please note: If granted, access will be limited to a maximum of 30 days.